Alongside the research and design of educational assessments, academics at CEM also conduct studies across a wide range of aspects of pedagogy.

Recent projects have studied pedagogy methods and have found certain evidence-based strategies in schools to be effective.

These strategies were evaluated using CEM’s own assessments, illustrating how the assessments can be used to evaluate the outcomes of different classroom based strategies. 

Recent projects conducted by CEM

Peer Tutoring

CEM conducted a large-scale trial of peer learning interventions in mathematics and reading, designed to improve the educational provision in primary schools across an entire local government authority.

It was the first study of its kind to establish and evaluate large-scale systematic implementation of peer tutoring and aimed to establish a council-wide initiative as a centre of excellence and to provide a template for others in the UK.

Working with difficult children in primary schools

CEM academics conducted research into the behaviour of particularly inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive children. The research led to the publication of a teacher’s guide to working with children with ADHD.

The research was evaluated using PIPS – CEM’s own assessment for children from their beginning school and throughout their time at primary school.

The study showed that children whose teachers picked them out as having particularly unusual behavioural patterns, make less progress than would be expected through to age 11 years.

A result of this means that at an early stage children who are likely not to make the progress that we would expect of children with similar level can be identified and teachers can use the research insights to help them improve the concentration and behaviour of such children.


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